Tips for a broad and healthy smile

Caring for our children’s health

At A sonreir, we believe that the education, care and time dedicated by parents to their children´s health are a very important step in order to get a good oral health among others.

We also like to remind them that a broad and healthy smile is very related to a good self-esteem, and therefore the youngsters´ possible success.

Below we provide you with a general and easy outline of our tips:

  • Starting with a good example.
  • Brushing and use of dental floss (dental floss must be used once patient is 14 years old). Help your child with brushing at least once a day.
  • At least one visit per year for a dental exam. Accompanying their father/mother/older siblings may be very positive for their subsequent follow-up visits.
  • Having refined sugar only on special occasions.
  • Using positive reinforcement in order to eliminate significant bad habits: finger, nails, pacifier (once they are 3-4 years old).
  • Avoiding chewing gum, since doing it for more than 2/3 minutes a day may develop problems with the joint and undesirable wear.

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