Invisalign® Invisible Orthodontics Chiclana

 escáner invisalign

escáner invisalign

Invisalign® is the best and most sophisticated orthodontic technique on the market worldwide to correct the position of teeth using a series of clear aligners which are changed every 2 weeks.

Its main novelty is the ClinCheck software:

  • It is a new tool to explain the treatment plan to the patient clearly.
  • In addition, it is a virtual tool to complete the diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • It is used when the treatment plan is communicated to Align Technology.

Invisalign® does not treat patients, therefore it does not accept any responsibility. Patients are treated by the dentist/orthodontist in charge of the treatment.

What determines a successful treatment?

  • Doctor´s experience

    As with any other technique, there is a learning curve.

  • Patient´s cooperation

    Everything has a negative side, in comparison with the advantage of having a removable system for meals and hygiene, there is a high risk that patients don´t wear the aligners for the necessary time to work properly.

  • The targets set

    At this point, we recommend to study our and patient´s targets very well, and try to reach a point of understanding and agreement with total honesty.

Why to choose Invisalign®?

Dr Ana Anglada: My Invisalign® experience

Certified since 2009, I carry out all kind of corrections as I would do with conventional braces, since I consider both systems to have the same limits.

I work at my own clinic located in Tartessus Center since 2007, and I carry out the treatment in other clinics in Cadiz, Jerez, Seville and Palma de Mallorca.
I have continued my training in the technique attending all the international conferences about Invisalign® orthodontics. I attended the course at the center where treatment plans are developed in Costa Rica in 2014.

I worked on the development of the Master´s degree in Invisalign® system of Dr Juan Pedro Moreno Flexuá in 2014. I was awarded for the best third case treated with the Invisalign® technique in the International Gallery.

  • It is very comfortable

  • Practically invisible

  • Effective and predictable

  • Hygienic

  • IIt reduces the visits to the clinic.


 precio ortodoncia

precio ortodoncia

As with any other orthodontic treatment, prices will depend on the severity of the case to be treated and therefore, the duration of the treatment.

In this way, treatment could cost from 1200 to 6000€.

We offer all kind of credit terms and your first visit for quote is totally free of charge.

I never imagined that it was so easy to align the teeth. (Our patients)

Conventional orthodontics

The conventional braces orthodontic technique is better known. By means of a series of archwires that are changed throughout the treatment, we stimulate the teeth to move them to the desired permanent position.

Success of this treatment will greatly depend on the orthodontist´s professionalism and experience, as well as on the patient´s cooperation, as in the Invisalign® technique.

At asonreir we believe that this type of orthodontic treatment also has its advantages.

  • It is a perfect option to treat the youngest patients, when they need an early treatment before age 12.
  • It is cheaper than Invisalign® technique, so it will be perfect for those patients who are not influenced by esthetics and hygiene, but are influenced by their pocket.

We use low-friction and esthetic braces and Damon system.