Invisalign Teen:  A solution for demanding teenagers

We finally have an effective, esthetic and comfortable technique to offer all responsible teenagers, Invisalign Teen.

Conventional orthodontic braces work very well and, in good hands, it is a fantastic treatment, especially for the youngest patients and the children, since they are fixed to the teeth, so there is no option to forget or lose them.

What happens when the hygiene and esthetics are a very significant factor for the patients?

For several years, the only solution was the ceramic braces and lingual orthodontics. These systems were more discreet, however they still had esthetic and hygiene problems, and many wounds.
Nowadays, the Invisalign Teen orthodontics technique far exceeds the previous techniques, offering our teenagers a solution which is really effective, comfortable and very discreet.
Our patient María Parrado is a good example of a demanding teenager.

The treatment is comfortable and painless. Furthermore, you can remove the aligners to eat whatever you want and then, you can brush your teeth without any problem. And of course, the esthetics is amazing, nobody notices it.

María Parrado
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